My best Quotes from my book of love


1.She first lays enough eggs before sitting on them: GOOD PLANNING.

2. When she starts sitting on her eggs, she minimizes movement: DISCIPLINE.
3. She physically loses weight while sitting on her eggs due to decreased feeding: SACRIFICE and SELF DENIAL.
4. She can sit on eggs from another hen: INDISCRIMINATE and GENEROUS.
5. She sits on her eggs for 21 days, patiently waiting and even if they don't hatch she will still lay eggs again: FAITH, HOPE and COURAGE.
6. She detects unfertilized eggs and rolls them out: SENSITIVE and DISCERNING.
7. She abandons the rotten eggs and starts caring for the hatched chicks even if it is only one: WISE, CONSCIOUS and REALISTIC.
8. No one can touch her chick: PROTECTIVE LOVE.
9. She gathers all her Chicks together: UNITY of PURPOSE.
10. She doesn't abandon her chicks before they mature: MENTORING
Live your dreams, one day they shall hatch and you shall see them grow.

Strictly for Ladies


  • Don't allow what you see in your VICINITY to break your wall of SECURITY...
  • Your VIRGINITY is your DIGNITY, Protect it and... Make it your number one PRIORITY.
  • Don't allow the error of PROXIMITY to lead you into IMMORALITY...
  • Your friends call you MINORITY because you don't follow their PARTY OF MAJORITY..
  • They show off their bodies for money and also commit different ATROCITY.
  • Now you are feeling self-PITY, thinking of embracing their INSANITY..
  • But listen to me!, You have a true IDENTITY, and you are covered by divine IMMUNITY.
  • Leave them to PARTY in their IRASCIBILITY because in REALITY the end is CALAMITY.
  • They will become STD and SSTD (spiritual sexually transmitted diseases) CASUALITY.
  • If you have lost your VIRGINITY already, don't worry, GOD can still give you a new IDENTITY...
  • HIS DIVINITY will help your HUMANITY but you have to stop all IMMORALITY, so that you can get access into the beautiful CITY prepared by the Almighty TRINITY.
  • Listen to this:
    "It is God's will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust.

Prayer Points for Your Husband to Be!

  •  Lord, I pray that my husband would hold fast to the sure and trustworthy word of God(Titus 1:9)
  • That he would be a man of unquestionable integrity and irreproachable. That he will be a husband of but one wife - me! And that our children will be believers and well trained in the Lord (Titus 1:6)

  • I pray that he will be a blameless man, not self-willed or arrogant or presumptuous. That indeed he will not be quick tempered, or given to drink or to violence and brawling.

  • May he not be grasping and greedy for financial gain (Titus 1:7)

  • Instead, let him be slow to anger and abounding in love towards me and our children. Cause him to be compassionate and gracious. (Psalm 103:8)

  • I pray Lord that you will provide for our family and do it through my husband. For the man who does not provide for his household has disowned the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. (1 Timothy 5:8)

  • Cause my husband to be hospitable, a lover of goodness, sober-minded, upright and fair-minded. May he be a devout man, holy and disciplined (Titus 1:8)

  • I pray that my husband will be sensible, self-controlled, sound in faith, in love, in patience and in the steadfastness of Christ (Titus 2:2)

  • May he be a prudent man, taking life seriously (Titus 2:6)

  • I pray that he will not be combative but gentle and considerate. Not quarrelsome but forbearing and peaceable (1 Timothy 3:3)

  • And give him the wisdom to rule his own household well, keeping the children under control, with true dignity, commanding their respect in every way and keeping them respectful (1 Timothy 3:4)

  • Cause my husband to be a man worthy of respect, not shifty and a double talker but sincere in what he says (1 Timothy 3:8)

  • I pray that my husband will love me as Christ loved the Church. Even giving his own life for her (Ephesians 5:25, 28).

  • I pray that he will be affectionate and sympathetic towards me and not harsh or bitter or resentful (Colossians 3:19)


Section A:

1. Wife material wears simple make up.
But G/friend material wears Excessive and Expensive make up.

2. Wife material Avoids inconveniencing the guy.
But G/friend material never minds if you are convenient or inconvenient.

3. Wife material always advices you to cook at home.
But G/friend material prefers entries.

4. Wife material accepts SORRY without any gift.
But G/friend material will want you to apologize with gifts or token.

5. Wife material will do all she can to stop you from clubbing.
But G/friend material will want to follow you to the Club.

6. Wife material will want you to move closer to God. But G/friend material doesn't care if you know God or Not.

7. Wife material will love your parents and siblings. But G/friend material doesn't care about them.

8. Wife material will advise you to SAVE MONEY. But G/friend materials will advise you to spend the money on her to look more beautiful. Because nobody is sure of seeing tomorrow.

9. Wife material talks more of the future. But G/friend material talks more of the present.

10. Wife material can cook anything. But G/friend material can only cook expensive foodstuff.

Section B:


1. A girl knows how to demand. A woman knows how to contribute.

2. Girls complain too often. A woman will observe for a while, and then call her man's attention to the matter arising.

3. Girls cannot mange a home A woman can manage a home with the little she has.

4. A girl will want to keep up with trends. A woman will want to consider her man's progress.

5. A girl will never ask how he manages. Caring after him is a woman's priority.

6. A girl will measure her man's worth by the weight of his pocket. A woman will measure her man's worth by his level of Wisdom, the fear of God and how disciplined he can be towards finances.

7. A girl is naturally selfish, stubborn, and short sighted. A woman is sacrificial, loyal, future oriented and family minded.

8. A girl wants everything now. A woman waits until they can both attend to their needs as at when possible and contribute as well.

9. A girl is not considerate.

10. A woman helps her man to plan. YOU definitely must grow from being a girl to a woman to be able to handle a home. You can't still be a girl and expect a man; of course you'll get a boy.