Welcome to jiibtech website.

With my experience and interface with people from different walks of life in computing, I decided to build this Website as part of my opportunity cost principally for sharing resources and ideas, the computing atmosphere being the heart of it.

Firstly, I assure you that you will find or read essential articles on this prospectus while navigating from one page to another. In principle, this website is base on you may call "Sharability" of valuable information concerning different aspects of life.

The computing environment:

By default, the computing atmosphere has five (5) major IT disciplines as below;

  • Data Networking
  • Tele-communication
  • Website Design & Development
  • Computer Programming
  • Business skills for IT professionals.

Not only does IT has the above major disciplines but it is slso structured in four (4) strands as below;

  • Inquiring with ICT
  • Creating with ICT
  • Communicating with ICT
  • Operating with ICT.

All the above can be explained to detail as you continue to navigate through the pages on this website.

Otherwise I wish you the best and safe stay while enjoying and navigating through the pages on this website.

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